Copenhagen International Dance Festival was launched in Spring 2019.

See more in the Report CIDF 2019 : 


Here’s what our audience say:

“A fantastic and different experience for the kids at the school – a fantastic dance performance with lots of joy, happiness, colours and funny movements and choreography that entertained all, both big and small.”


Deputy head, Skolen i Sydhavnen

“Thank you, it was really great. The residents had many praising words for you: ‘How wonderful’, ‘How they could move!’, ‘Elegant’, ‘A great experience’, ‘Pure joy of life’. We hope to have you again and then we will make sure to have even more residents as audience.”


Event manager, Elderly home, Klarahus

“It is a gift to be visited by dancers. It inspires the the kids. They become aware of their body’s movement and want to dance themselves”.


Head of Kindergarden Forfatterhuset