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Edition 2021

Copenhagen International Dance Festival
2021 edition

See more in the Report CIDF 2021:

International Guest Performances

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (IT)

In 2021 we had the honour of presenting Spellbound Contemporary Ballet in a very special setting where the audience had the chance to experience the unique dancers and artistic work up close (within corona-safety distance, of course).

The performances were excerpts of Spellbound’s work.

Hodworks (HU)

We had the honour to present Hodworks – the Budapest-based international company founded by choreographer Adrienn Hód in 2007. Hodworks regroups sensible, proactive and forward-thinking creators having their own creative and concentrated working methods.

The performances were excerpts of the company’s work “Conditions of being a Mortal”

Workshops and Masterclasses

As part of Copenhagen International Dance Festival we invite the professional dance community to participate in Masterclasses of Contemporary and Ballet. This year we present Masterclasses with extraordinary profiles:​


Lidia Wos (PL/SE)

Choreographer and teacher, who formerly worked at Skånes Dansteater and Opera Baltycka in Gdansk.


Lucia Pasquini (IT/BE)

Freelance dancer and choreographer and former dancer of Danish Dance Theatre. 

Milou Nuyens closeup

Milou Nuyens (NL/DK)

Price winning dancer from Danish Dance Theatre and former dancer from Staatstheater Darmstadt and Landestheater Linz.


Mads Blangstrup (DK)

Former solo dancer from the Royal Danish Ballet.


Stefanos Bizas (GR/DK)

Dancer from Danish Dance Theatre.


Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (IT)

Pricewinning dance company from Rome under the artistic direction of Mauro Astolfi.


Hódworks (HU)

Groundbreaking international dance company from Budapest under the artistic direction of Adriénn Hód.

Christina Mertzani holding an apple and a feather

Christina Mertzani (GR)

Teacher at Cie Toula Limnaios.

Tamas Moricz closeup

Tamas Moricz (HU/BE)

Repertoire of Forsythe / Choreographer and former dancer from William Forsythe’s Frankfurt Ballet.

Roberto Scafati closeup

Roberto Scafati (IT/D)

Groundbreaking international dance company from Budapest under the artistic direction of Adriénn Hód.

Toula Limnaios closeup

Toula Limnaios (GR/D)

Artistic Director of the German company cie. Toula Limnaios.

Collaborators 2021

Augustinus fonden

Københavns kommunes festivalpulje

Ballettens venner

Louis-Hansen Fonden

Dronning Margrethe og Prins

Henriks Fond

Knud Højgaards Fond

Oda og Hans Svenningsens Fond

Augustinus fonden

Spar Nord Fonden

Silkeborg Kommune

Frederiksberg Fonden

Frederiksberg kommune

AP Møller Fonden


Københavns Kommune

Bispebjerg lokaludvalg

Den Danske Forskningsfond

Vesterbro Lokaludvalg

Kgs Enghave lokaludvalg

Valby lokaludvalg